Monday 8 December 2014

An Apple for Zoe by Thomas Amo

The City of San Francisco is secured a grasp of trepidation. An arrangement of mysterious homicides has headed, Inspector Thomas James, to a wrongdoing scene like a homicide conferred 90 years prior in the once excellent Aleris Hotel. A spot where power nobles of the early twentieth Century occupied with witchcraft. Furthermore quiet film stars enjoyed the most naughty of sins.

A spot where nobody addresses the dark smoke the ascents from the inn's incinerators amidst the night. (from

Plot: Oh man, this book was CRAZY (in a decent manner!). There were such a large number of winds, such a variety of minutes where I was totally surprised. It did get a bit a long distance at one point however I completely appreciated it. It has verifiable components, it has serial executioner references, and it has individual connections. Complete page turner as I would see it, I would not like to quit perusing on the grounds that I needed to recognize what happened! It's DEFINITELY a paranormal secret/thriller.

Characters: I don't think I truly associated with any of the characters yet I was infatuated with the plot going on. The way that I didn't generally relate specifically with the characters didn't influence the story whatsoever. I did get a bit mistook for who was who, they regularly switch between first names and last name yet I imagine that is simply the nature of law requirement that makes them switch.

Different Stuffs: THE ENDING. Holy cow, Thomas Amo most likely knows how to get you and after that LEAVE YOU HANGING. I need to peruse the following book, I'm trusting I can get an early look at it ;) *hint clue to the author**

Thursday 14 March 2013


Pensive was a bright chestnut thoroughbred racehorse that in 1944 came closer than any other horse at the time to winning the U.S. Triple Crown. He was also the first to win the first two legs and then lose the third. A son of England's Hyperion, out of Penicuik II, Pensive, ridden by Conn McCreary, won the Kentucky Derby going away by four and a half lengths. A week later, he took the Preakness. That year, the Belmont, had upped its purse to $50,000. Pensive was in the lead when bounding Home inched by to take the race by less than half a length. Pensive was brought to the United States still forming in his mother's womb by Arthur B. Hancock, who then sold the mare to the owner of Calumet Farm, Warren Wright.

Wright had inherited Calumet from his father, William Monroe Wright, president of the Calumet Baking Powder Company. In time, Warren Wright was also president of the baking powder company, and he took it to the financial heights of the business world. When he also took over Calumet in 1931, he sold off the trotters his father favored and began buying Thoroughbreds for flat racing. Under Wright, Calumet enjoyed years of racing dominance. Pensive began his training under Calumet's future Hall of Fame trainer Ben A. Jones. At two, Pensive raced five times, winning twice.

His three losses all came in stakes races. At three, he ran a checkered season, winning and losing fairly equally. He beat older horses in the Rowe Memorial Handicap, but lost to an older horse, Tola Rose, in the Bowie Handicap. Tola Rose had defeated Whirl away. Following his loss in the Belmont, Pensive lost all eight of his final starts. At this point he was retired to stud, producing the winner of the 1949 Kentucky Derby, Ponder. He died in 1949, just after his son won the Derby. Pensive is buried at Calumet Farm.

Monday 30 April 2012

The Book Eater

Story A large bookeater has occupied the basement located in the hidden back-room in the south-west part of the library and it is chewing up Tracy's most precious novels.

The teleport systen in the basement is enough to keep out the small book eaters but the large one appears to be smarter than the other and is able to navigate them. Tracy would like you to go down into the basement and kill the large bookeater to protect her novels.

Saturday 30 April 2011

Blog Tour: The Diva Doctrine by Patricia Davis

This is my first non-fiction review on the blog! I was invited to join the blog tour for this book and it really interested me so I decided why not?! I’m not going to break up the review like I usually do, I’m just going to kinda ramble on about this book :)

Patricia V. Davis may be the first to tell you she's an expert in failed relationships. But ask any of the readers who helped a post on her advice blog go viral, and they'll say that whether you're wide-eyed twenty-something dreamer, the world's grooviest grandma, or something in between, there's no one better able to help you on your way to becoming a True Diva! (from

I’ve always been a bit iffy about self-help kinda books but The Diva Doctrine sounded interesting to me so I dived right in :) I’m anxious about self help type books because they always sound so preachy to me and they tend to make huge claims like “Read this book and it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE”. The Diva Doctrine isn’t like that. It’s just a women who has experienced life and just has some views about it. One of my favorite parts of the book was the very first chapter in which the author talks about herself and her background. She explains that she doesn’t claim to know it all, she just has some really helpful tips to any woman who wants to be independent and strong! I would recommend to any woman ever. Now, I want to share one of my favorite quotes and my favorite principle from the 16 principles of the book!

“There are way too many women out there who are like the rodent-eating alien in V – not our friends at all but a creature wearing a disguise, infiltrating our lives, gaining our trust, and all the while just waiting for the moment she can consume us”

THIS IS SO SO TRUE. I’ve never really had many girl friends because of this! Girls are mean. For sure.
“14. When meeting someone new, and he or she seems to be behaving like a tool, show compassion first. If after you display your sincere compassion, they’re still acting like a took, walk away. If they follow you, call the police.”

When I read this, I giggled and then proceeded to read it out loud to my boyfriend. We laughed together and agreed. I am willing to give anyone and everyone a chance. In fact, I probably give many chances. Everyone has their bad days, some people just suck at meeting people. But sometimes it just gets to a point where you have to WALK AWAY. Wonderful advice, Ms. Davis.

Here’s some links about the book! and the book trailer :)